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Distributor / Metals Service Center

We can provide a bar by the random length, or a whole sheet at a time. We have taken being a distributor to a new level by adding a machining center, surface grinding, and centerless grinding. Only need part or a sheet, or bar? We are also a service center, offering may value-added processes.

Cutting Services to cut bars to multiple lengths (MULTS), or slice into thin pieces. A piece can be cut from the sheet or plate. Small to medium orders are welcome. Waterjet cutting your special requirements. Excellent edge capability, with near finished dimensions. Separation cutting as well as using our Dynamic Flow Waterjet to make very straight cut - with little taper and no undercut.


Secondary Producer

A GFM 412 Rotary Forge was installed in October 1995. We specialize in making available the sizes and alloys that are not common, not produced yet, or too small of a quantity that a larger mill will not produce! Also offering Open Die forgings on our 750 ton press. Let our friendly sales staff take care of your needs today!

Forge Press production of your open die forged items. Rounds, squares, rectangles and upsets made to order.

Rolling Bar on our 2 HI mill in rounds, square, rectangle and hex - as well as hot and cold rolling narrow plate and sheet made to order.


Specials are our Speciality

Do you have a special size or temper required? We have production capabilities in-house to produce bar to many tempers and sizes on an as needed basis.

Sales Options we offer on orders, stock or custom:

  1. Marking: Ink, Nuclear Ink, Vibra Etch, Dot Peen, Barcode & Punch, Label

    Information Required:

    Customer P/N
    Customer PO
    Heat Lot

    Required: Location of marking, and marking method

  2. Packing: Pine, MFG Wood (Export), Treated Wood, Cardboard, Stretch Wrap
    Required: Indicate type needed

  3. Testing: Reporting IAW EN10204 3.1
    Additional mechanical requirements; Tensile, Hardness, Charpy
    Required: Standard to test and reporting in accordance with

  4. NDT Options: UT, LP, X-Ray
    Required: Specification and method, spot check or 100% inspection of lot.

  5. PMI (Positive Metal Indentification) : Sampling or 100% inspection of lot
    Required: spot cleaning area to be identified/ verified.

  6. Additional samples : for Analysis or confirmation
    Required: determine sample size needed