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Normal order specifications and inclusions

Our normal order specifications include packaging, material certifications, and material identification. Packaging would include our standard method of protecting for shipment. Certifications on our materials is mandatory for the majority of our customers, includes many standard specifications, as well as any that may be added during the quote process. Material identifications include labeling the product for your purchase order, materials type, heat number, dimensions, weight, and a part number if desired.


Certifications are marked with the customers Purchase order number, quantity ordered, and Part/Job number (if available.) Sent with the shipment, and an identifying packing slip.
Ask about about our testing to various specifications that materials do not normally come from the mill with. We can provide Charpy v-notch, Ultrasonic testing and liquid penetrant. Pre-qualify material with aged properties before purchasing.

Test certificate EN 10204 3.1 as standard, unless noted otherwise.
Test certificate EN 10204 3.2 Third Party inspection by DNV, Lloyds, ABS, BV and others. Third party inspection is by request and arranged by customer.
Ultrasonic examination, according to standard or request.
Tensile & Yield Test, according to standard or request.
Impact Testing in Transversal and/or Longitudinal, according to standard or request.
LP/DPE (Dye Penetrant Examination), according to standard or request.
PMI (Positive Material Identification), according to standard or request.
Hardness (Brinell, Rockwell,Vickers), according to standard or request.
Corrosion Test (Huey test ,Strauss test), according to standard or request.
Intergranular Corrosion Test, according to standard or request.


Material Identification

Materials are marked for identification using one or more of the following : stamping, ink, tags, or vibro-etching. Items that are normally marked on the material : Alloy, Heat Number, Size, and Weight. Special items can be added, such as : Part numbers, Job numbers, and Specifications, if requested at the time of order. Low chloride markers are available for use when required.

Heat traceability is maintained to the manufacturer. Each lot is carefully tracked and traced to ensure proper material identity.



Package will be packaged for safe transportation to your plant, or vendor. This allows our customers to be assured of receiving the same quality material that HPA ships.
Special requirements are also taken into consideration, such as packaging for air and cargo export.

Our quotations normally include packaging, whether a skid, tube, or box.
If you are unsure about the quality of the package the salesman has in mind, just ask for details. Depending on the form of material, size of the piece, and the carrier selected, you may wish to upgrade the type of packaging to suit the needs that may have been overlooked.

Offering export friendly skids, and packaging to ensure compliance with EU, and Asian requirements.


Terms and Conditions of Sale