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Capabilities of High Performance Alloys, Inc.

Cutting Requirements

We offer a wide range of cutting options such as cutting and machining bevels, cutting multiples to part and, of course, we can cut in half for easy shipment. Whether it is bar, wire, sheet, plate, tube, or pipe; HPA will serve your needs.


Furnace Capabilities

Our 12 foot furnace is capable of a 2300°F temperature. With computer controlled programming capabilities, this furnace has temperature control of the annealing process.


Rapid Delivery

High Performance Alloys was formed to provide customers requiring quantities of special alloy with fast and dependable delivery. Fast delivery service is particularly important to operating plants in order to avoid costly downtime and lost production. We are organized to provide delivery service to anywhere in the world.


Standard Order Specifications

Our standard order specifications include packaging, material certifications and material identification. We have our own custom method of packaging for protecting your shipment. We provide free certifications on our materials as standard policy. We carefully label the product shipment, identifing purchase order, materials type, heat number, dimensions, weight, and (optionally) a part number.


Bar Production

Our rotary forge can produce materials starting with rough stock at about 3" diameter and reduce the material to around .5" diameter. The hot and cold working processes are especially good for special tempers and superalloys.



Machining is also available at our facility. We offer a wide assortment of processes for rough machining our materials down to a particular size and shape. We have dedicated machinists that do what it takes to help our customers attain the delivery they need.


Request for Credit

Set up terms for your company.
Send a quick e-mail message via the fill-out form in the link above and our accounting department will contact you for more information regarding confidential bank information.


Request a Quote

Request a quote via e-mail or chat on our site.
Simply click the link above and fill out the brief form to give us all the information needed to quote your requirements.


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